Precision requires quality instruments

Chart Correction / Deck Instruments

Chart Correction Stencils and pens

Manufactured from 1.5mm non-reflecting acrylic. CNC machined and Laser engraved for accuracy and filled with black acrylic paint.

Contains all the symbols needed to update your charts.

Can be supplied as a correcting kit with two special violet ink pens of different nib sizes.

Chart Accessories – waterproof cases, chart weights and chart table lights


Brass dividers with stainless steel points either single handed or plain can be supplied in 6, 7 & 8 inches.

Navigation Triangle

10" Kent type Navigation Triangle

Crystal Clear Acrylic base plate bevelled and polished on all outer edges

Divided 0-360 Degrees & Compass points

Fitted with an acrylic lifting handle

Parallel Rules - Available in 12,15,18,21 and 24 inches to meet the needs of Students to Master mariners

Crystal clear Acrylic Base blades, bevelled & polished on all four outer edges. Divided 0-360 Degrees & Compass Points. Fitted with clear acrylic link bars and brass pivot pins. Clear acrylic lifting handles and rubber non-slip pads.

Supplied in a PVC Sleeve

Pencil Compasses - Manufactured from marine grade brass, with a fine grain finish Fitted with a stainless steel needle-point. The pencil holder is designed to hold a variety of sized pencils from a standard HB to a large china graph pencil.

MOD & NATO Approved

Plotters Course Plotter - Crystal Clear Acrylic base plate with variation scale and various chart scales. Fitted with a rotating centre acrylic disc and Divided 0-360 Degrees and a metric grid. Supplied with full working instructions.

Protractors - Douglas protractors, Full Circular Protractors, and Semi Circular protractors available in various sizes

Parallel Rules

Rolling Parallel Rule

Capt Fields design parallel rules

Station Pointers -

14" Brass Bevelled Arms with a matt black finish. Crystal Clear Acrylic Circle divided 0-360 degrees. Centre Arm Fixed at Zero. Two outer arms rotate around the circle locked into position with a Vernier clamp, complete in a fitted case.