Despite complete Electronic Bridges, the magnetic compass still an important aid to navigation

Compass repair and certification

Our knowledgeable experienced staff are able to carry out magnetic compass repair and certification when necessary.

Should the compass have a small bubble, compass fluid may be added and the compass topped up while you wait. However, if an appreciable amount of compass liquid has leaked out, a careful check should be made on the condition of the sealing gasket and filling plug. This might take a longer repair time, and parts may have to be replaced.

Compass liquid could be a mixture alcohol and distilled water, or Compass Oil. These fluids are NOT interchangeable and it is not advisable to carry out repairs oneself, unless the compass liquid is known. The compass can be damaged or become unusable by filling with the wrong liquid.

Some Shipping Companies specify that compasses be re-certified annually or every two years. For re-certification, the compass should be removed from the ship and taken to some place free from all magnetic influences except the earth's magnetic field for tests of friction and periods of oscillation. These tests involve measurements of the time of vibration and the ability of the compass card to return to a consistent reading after deflection. These tests will indicate the condition of the pivot, jewel, and magnetic strength of the compass needles.

Our Compass adjusters can carry out these tests at our workshop and issue a certificate.