Try Celestial Navigation: The art and science of Finding your way By The Sun Moon and Stars...


Sextants have been central to the history of navigation and sailing. Although celestial navigation is considered as a thing of the past, there are people who still enjoy and pride themselves on skills of being able to navigate the seas with the aid of it. The Sextant is an instrument that measures the angle of a star, planet sun or moon, with the horizon. This information can help to calculate position at sea. The principal of the Sextant is quite easy but its use requires skill and practice.

The Cooke “Kingston” sextant has provided a reliable service to Navigators for decades. Although unfortunately, ceased production we still maintain parts and provide refurbishment and service for the keen collectors of this quality instrument.

The modern “Cooke” sextant has been developed for professional use and manufactured for us in the Far East. However, our experts examine each sextant for quality at our own workshop in Hull.

Manufactured with an aluminum frame this sextant offers ease of use and accuracy. It is supplied in a wooden carry/stowage case with a bottle of oil and shadow pin. We provide service and repair for this sextant as well.

Cooke “Survey Sextant”

We have a number of Traditional Brass survey sextants in stock in wooden carry/stowage case. These instruments differ from the Marine Model by their 145 degree engraved Arc and no filters attached.