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Optical Instruments


We offer a wide range of binoculars suitable for all types of observing from some of the world leading manufacturers. Our extensive choice is sufficient to meet the varied demands of most users. Visit our showroom to try out and purchase the best binoculars suited to you. At times we realise that our choice can be a little daunting if you are not sure what you are after, we have a basic guide to choosing the correct pair of binoculars. Failing that we can also back this up with over 65 years in the optics business so if you still bewildered by the choice please feel free to contact one of our specialists for further advice.


We offer many varied telescopes available for use by amateur astronomers, as well as eyepieces and filters and Barlow lenses. Most common are the Refractor, the Reflector telescopes. Due to the large number of makes, models and types available in the market, we stock a limited selection, but can order in others from our various suppliers to suit your requirements and budget. Please get in touch or visit our show room to discuss options.


We have a large range of magnifiers to assist people with difficulty in reading, writing, watching television, recognizing people’s faces or engaging in other daily living tasks.

We also stock a selection of technical magnifiers for inspection and quality control or other industrial applications or for the observation of stones, jewellery or hobby-related objects such as coins or stamps.

We offer the Eschenbach Spectacle Magnifiers, which are one of many categories of vision aids available for use by the visually impaired. We have clip-on systems, prismatic eyewear, noves eyewear and high-powered magnifying spectacles in a variety of designs and magnification powers. They are ideal for extended near tasks like reading, or working on hobbies or crafts tasks because they allow users to have their ‘hands-free’. Special items for individual needs not in stock can be ordered in as required.